Elegant Wines

Our collection of organically farmed wines are made with French varietals, just as they’re meant to be, the natural way.  Our wines are an expression of single varietals: Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Made with our own grapes, and vinified in small batch at our winery.  French Wine – Estate Bottled.


Vintage 2019 – This wine is alive, rustic.  Balanced and pleasant, beautiful served chilled under the sun and shared with friends!
13 % alc.vol
Label design : The Green Grasshopper – by Max Méry, age 7


Vintage 2019 – a blend of 2/3 Cabernet Franc and 1/3 Merlot.  Generous nose, touch of red fruits, exotic and floral.  Long and fresh taste.  To be enjoyed this summer!
13 % alc.vol
Label design : Octopus & Squid – by Max Méry, age 7


Grapes 100% Melrot, vintage 2019 – beautiful deep colour, nose of red fruits – black cherry, authentic and elegant.  Upright with a large finish.  Perfection!
13,5 % alc.vol
Label design : Owl – by Milla Méry, age 8

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pure Cabernet Sauvignon – vintage 2019 – complex expression, ruby gemstone colour.  Red fruits – raspberry on the nose with a hint of black pepper.  A balanced wine with souple tannins.  Barrel aged for 8 months.
13 % alc.vol
Label design : Fox – by Milla Méry, age 8