Organic farming is pretty unique for a cognac house.

Our vineyards are certified organic by Ecocert in France.
Our vineyards are farmed organically.  The inspiration for farming this way was simple: we have a deep respect for the environment and organic grapes produce the purest expressions, of the varietals, and land, on which they are farmed.  We also engage in biodynamic practices to enrich the soil and protect the vines.  Our vineyards are in the Grande Champagne Cru of Cognac, the prestigious growing area. The soil is shallow clay-limestone, over limestone and chalk.  Part of the vineyard was planted by our ancestors.

The soil is alive with the mystery of history.  It is the future.

Growing grapes is hard work.  We respect the land and nature by cultivating organically, after all we have a responsibility to the future generation that will inherit the land.  Organic soil contains carbon-based material that is living or was once living. Soil contains many, many different things that have been deposited over time. Organic soil also benefits the environment.

Wine Grapes.

We grow white grape varieties; Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard and Montils, for cognac and pineau. 
Chardonnay, that famous grape originating from the Burgundy wine region of France, for our white wine.
Red grapes; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc for pineau and wine.