Our Collection

With a firsthand approach, in true artisan style, with respect for tradition, authenticity and great craftsmanship, we create. . .

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Maison Méry Melrose



Our cognac collection includes single estate organic cognac and blended cognac.  Always Grande Champagne Cru, and always matured in French oak cask.  Crafted by François Méry, a fourth generation cognac cellar-master.  Our cognacs are carefully bottled at our cellars.


organic PINEAU

Pineau des Charentes is the traditional apéritif from the Cognac Region, a blend of grape juice and cognac eau-de-vie, barrel aged for at least two years.  Our pineau is organic and will be released soon …

RELEASE DATE :   April 2020



elegant WINES

Our wines are made with organic grapes, grown in our own vineyards.  We cultivate variatials; Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Our wines are vinified and bottled in our ‘chai’.  All of our wines are certified organic.



The wine labels are the creation of our children.