This XO is a blend of old cognac, carefully matured between 12 to 20 years in French oak barrel, it is a large and powerful cognac.  

Bottled size : 70 / 75 cl

Alcohol content : 40 % Alc. Vol.

Product of France

Region: Cognac, Grande Champagne, 1st cru of Cognac.

Type of distiller: Charentais Copper Still.

N° of distillations : two

Time in barrel : 12 – 20 years

Ingredients : Cognac Grande Champagne, organic cane sugar syrup

Notes from François Méry, Farming Artist…

This XO Cognac has been maturing in a combination of new and used French oak casks, enough time to begin developing the distinctive powerfulness that well-aged Cognac is known for.

It pours a polished mahogany color, with good clarity and sparkle. The first inhale delivers a rich, concentrated scent of fresh tobacco, leather, vanilla, and hazelnuts, as well as a slight dusting of vanilla-scented powdered sugar. A mellow sweetness greets the tongue, introducing flavors of marzipan, fruit cake, and licorice, there is a sweetness with bright notes of fresh fig and grape. A long, full finish lingers on the palate.

The XO is designed to enjoy neat, and is perfect for extending the quiet moments at the table after dinner.

Pairing : Cognac XO serves well with cheese, try Roquefort or Camembert. A perfect partner for white chocolate or « La Tarte Tatin ».