The Cellar

Year after year, the quality of cognac takes on its’ richness. 


With expertise and experience, the Cellar Master perfects the complex task of aging and blending, a know-how that is artisanal.

Few ventures are more firmly in the debt of previous generations than cognac distilleries. Thanks to the foresight of François’ grandfather Edouard and father Jean-Paul, our stone warehouse holds aged stock dating back to the 1920s, and through our own hard work in recent years we have grown one of the largest stocks of Organic Grande Champagne Cognac.     


The Aging

 We age our cognac in a combination of new and used Limousin French oak barrels ranging in size from 300 to 400 liters, and the cognac normally begins its maturation in a new cask to mellow the intensity of the fresh distillate.  Every few months, we taste each cognac to gauge its progress and potentially transfer it to an older, less intense barrel.  As the spirit develops, we gradually add distilled water, slowly reducing the proof to bottling strength over years, to allow its’ flavors to mellow, integrate, and intensify and produce a more balanced final blend.  This gentle, persistent work cannot be rushed, but it is one of the most rewarding aspects of our craft.      




The Blending

When it comes time to bottle our cognac, we individually select each barrel for the blending, to ensure a harmonious final blend.  Our organic cognacs VS & VSOP are the sole product of our land, and offer an undiluted expression of the Grande Champagne terroir.  Every blending decision we make is guided by the principles of intensity, elegance, and expressiveness.  Each cognac in our collection owns unique aromas, perfume and colour.  We seek to elaborate perfect, balanced blends of cognac.


Cognac from the True Artisanal Cognac House

Méry Melrose Cognac, expression of the Grande Champagne terroir