Our Story 

Maison Méry Melrose is an artisan cognac house, a family business run by two people, François Méry & Janis Melrose.


Our History

The history of Maison Méry Melrose began in Cognac during the summer of 2003 when François Méry, a fourth generation wine-grower, distiller and cellar master met his wife.

Janis Melrose, is a wine-maker, originally from another nation renowned for its spirit, Scotland.

François’ ancestors were cognac craftsmen, and he has lived and worked in Cognac his entire life.  He learned the craft of growing grapes, distilling, aging and blending cognac from his father and grandfather.  As a young man, François’ ambition was to create his own brand of cognac and export it worldwide.  After converting his vineyards to organic cultivation, the founding of Maison Méry Melrose, and through hardwork and patience, François has accomplished his collection of cognac; organic single estate and blended cognac and is slowly establishing his place in the global cognac market.

Janis arrived in France to study vine growing and wine-making, where she initially trained at a château in the Médoc, Bordeaux.  In 2006, after completing her studies in winemaking she established a winery and began creating elegant, quality organic wines.  Since founding Maison Méry Melrose, Janis guides the business, while caring for their children.

We work together and share the same values; family, respect, kindness, hard work and responsibility.

Our vineyards and bio products are certified organic in France by ECOCERT.

Our Business

Maison Méry Melrose is an artisan cognac house, creating fine quality organic & blended cognac, pineau and wine.  The value of being ‘artisans‘ is that we embrace, each step of the process.  Firstly, we grow grapes organically in our vineyards, a method of cultivation that is pretty unique in Cognac. We distill, age and blend cognac at the distillery and cellars that were founded by François’ grandfather.  Having the knowledge and skill to handle each step of the process means we can ensure consistent quality, time after time.

We distribute our production in France, and work with both local and regional retailers.  We are listed with a national wholesaler and our cognac, pineau and wines are listed in many restaurants and bars.

Outwith France, we work with prominent merchants and export to more than 15 different countries.  Our cognac, pineau and wines are available on an international scale.

To find out where you can purchase our products please get in touch :

Janis Méry

janis @ cognacmery.com

Maison Méry Melrose is an artisan cognac house, creating aromatic cognacs, organic pineau & elegant wines.  Our collection is available on an international scale.