Our Story


A Farming Artist and his Wife


François and Janis lead Maison Méry-Melrose, and they have charted their own course for the company. Their independent spirit and artistic vision have propelled the company’s transition to organic agriculture, the launch of the Tribal Cognac Collection and the developement of international distribution.

Janis Méry

Organic Grower and Winemaker, her family name is Melrose – and her story begins in another part of the world famous for distillation: Scotland.

After completing WSET certification, she traveled to Bordeaux to learn to make wine, propelled by a dream of one day having her own vineyard and winery.  After studying viti-oeno Baccalauréat Pro she started making organic wine from grapes grown in an existing organic vineyard, this led to François converting his land to organic, and together they started to develop the Maison Méry-Melrose organic portfolio, and the Tribal Cognac Collection.

Janis and François work hand in hand to manage and develop Maison Méry-Melrose,  although her priority is their two young children, their family’s source of joy and happiness. She sees François’ commitment to organic agriculture as a demonstration of his love and respect for the future of the next generation.

François Méry

A Farming Artist, who performs in harmony with land, man and beast. François cultivates his vineyard organically, and artfully transforms his crop, through distillation to create the wonderful spirit, Cognac, his new collection is Tribal Cognac.

François has spent his entire life in pursuit of the purest expressions of Grande Champagne Cognac.  A fourth-generation distiller, he learned to use a traditional Charantais pot still from his father and grandfather.

François’ story is not only about tradition. As a young man, he traveled halfway around the world to Australia, where he first encountered small, independent, and biodynamic producers making and marketing wines their own way. There, he first began to dream of having his own independent Grande Champagne Cognac label that could encapsulate the terroir he knew so well: The chalky soil, the snails, the hares, the vines, the brilliant sun, and the hardworking and resilient Charentais people.

“Organic growing, for me, is about respect, for myself and for others, its about care and patience – responsibility – balance – a commitment to health & the health of the environment”.

Janis Méry