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 An artisan cognac house and boutique winery

Méry Melrose is an artisan cognac house and boutique winery, founded by François and Janis Méry.  We are independent and family owned, we have our own organic vineyards, distillery, aging and blending cellars.  We are passionate about organic growing, and transforming our crop through vinification and distillation to make the greatest cognac and wine from the world famous vineyards in the Cognac Region of France.  We have begun distribution of our handcrafted cognacs worldwide.

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Grape to Bottle

 At Méry Melrose, each stage of the production is overseen by François Méry.  He is passionate about his craft;  the vines, the distillation, the aging and blending of each cognac and the vinification of our organic wines.  French, and very proud of his heritage, his passion has driven him to perfect his craft and he delivers a truly unique expression of cognac and wine, from our vineyards in the Cognac Region of France.




Janis Méry (Melrose)

Co-Founder, Janis Méry brings passion and creativity to Méry Melrose. Her story begins in another part of the world famous for distillation : Scotland.  After completing the Certificate in Wine and Spirits with WSET, she arrived in Bordeaux in 2003, and studied French, then achieved a Viticulture & Oenology Diploma, in the Cognac region.  This lead to her establishing a winery in an old « chai » and fermenting organic grapes to make wine.  Janis and François work hand in hand to manage and develop their artisan cognac house and winery, where she manages the export and marketing.

In her free time, she loves to cook, stretch, garden, read and spend time with her husband and their two beautiful, amazing children.

François Méry 

François has spent his entire life in pursuit of the purest expressions of Grande Champagne Cognac.  A fourth-generation distiller, he learned to use a traditional Charentais pot still from his Father and Grandfather.

François’ story is not only about tradition. As a young man, he traveled to Australia, where he worked for a small, independent, biodynamic wine producer, who made and marketed wine their own way.  There, he first began to dream of having his own independent cognac house, that could encapsulate the terroir he knew so well: the chalky soil of the Grande Champagne cru, the snails, the hares, the vines, the brilliant sun, and the hardworking and resilient Charentais people.