Maison Méry-Melrose is an independent organic vineyard, distillery, and winery in the heart of the Grande Champagne region of Cognac led by François Méry, a fourth-generation distiller and viticulturist.


Our estate wines and Grande Champagne Cognacs are made entirely from organic grapes we grow, vinify, distill, and mature ourselves on our family estate in Salles d’Angles, the village where our family has lived since 1946.  We are among the first wave of certified organic growers in Cognac, and one of a very small group of distillers that matures and bottles our own Grande Champagne Cognac rather than selling our spirit to large blenders.



It’s a lot more work to do it this way, but the opportunity to share the spirit of our land and labor is worth the effort. Our small size means we can control every part of the process, from vine to glass, and our independence means we can follow our own vision, wherever it leads.


What is Cognac?


Cognac is an aged spirit made from distilled wine, and the rules governing its production are tightly regulated. It must be made in a defined region in France called Cognac, which is located in the state of Charente. There are six sub-regions in Cognac, and the best Cognac comes from the Grande Champagne region, where our vineyards are located. Cognac can only be made from a short list of allowed grape varieties, and must be double distilled on a copper pot still during a season that stretches from October to March.  The resulting clear spirit, called eau de vie, must then be aged for at least two and a half years in casks made from French oak before it can be called Cognac. Every part of the process, from the vine to the barrel, matters—which is why we think it’s important to do every part of the process ourselves.