The prestigious noble spirit from the town where it takes its’ name, Cognac has been crafted for over 300 years, by Charentais men and women, during hot summers and cool winters, where rich stories and a particular way of life belong.  This beautiful wine-growing region in the southwest of France is a charming and befitting home for such a unique spirit. There are close to 200 cognac producers and a large percentage of cognac, more than 95%, is exported and comes from only a handful of large blenders.  Along with these however, there are other celebrated cognac houses meeting the Appellation criteria for Cognac.   The Cognac Appellation is based on local and consistent practices, and is governed by strict rules to assure the quality of Cognac. The origin of the Cognac Appellation dates back to 1st May 1909.


The true artisan cognac house, with organic vineyards, distillery and aging cellars, owned by François and Janis Méry.  François’ family have been growers of cognac for over one hundred years.  Méry Melrose produce exclusively, Cognac Grande Champagne, Premier Cru of Cognac.

Making the most of tradition & heritage

François Méry

François Méry, is a true cognac man, his family have distilled cognac for over 100 years.  François distills at his family’s estate in Salles d’Angles, the village where they have lived since 1946.   As well as producing his own organic cognac, François matures and blends cognac, crafted by previous generations, using precious know-how which has been transferred from one generation to the next.  Growing grapes and distilling wine is an ancient craft.  François’ passion goes beyond the distillery, it is the aging and blending, and producing a bottle of cognac, that captures his spirit.  For this reason, he established his own artisan cognac house, and artfully he manages the process from grape to bottle.  With the support of his family, he distributes and exports his production worldwide.  The opportunity to share the spirit of the land and labor is worth the effort.  François’ production is truly artisanal therefore he can control every part of the process, and his independence means he can follow his own vision, wherever it leads.

“My father taught me how to grow the aromatic white grapes cognac demands and the secrets to distilling, aging and blending cognac, an art which he himself learned from his father”.  

Jean-Paul Méry


François’ father, Jean-Paul Méry, was the son of a cognac grower, and he was able to triple the size of the distillery, he inherited from his parents.  He began offering an independent branded cognac, and significantly expand the land holdings of the family.  Although Jean-Paul officially retired in 2007, he remains involved in the business, and can often be found spending time in the vineyard or supporting François during distillation season. 

The distillery which has stood in place since 1851

The Méry family have been making Grande Champagne Cognac for more than 100 years, and each generation has reinvented the business in its’ own way.  François’ great-grandfather, Alexander Coudreau, arrived in Cognac in 1911.  As a farmer, he was tenacious, persistent, and an extremely hard worker. His daughter and son-in-law, Edouard Méry, purchased the land and property in Salles d’Angles that would become their distillery and residence in 1946.  Edouard Méry became one of the very first families to become a contract producer for the cognac house, Rémy-Martin, perhaps the most respected large blender in the Cognac region.