Organic VSOP Cognac

Maison Méry-Melrose Organic VSOP Cognac is a generous, buoyant Cognac that has spent at least four and a half years aging in a combination of new and used French oak casks.

A burnished gold color hints at the lush aromas and flavors to come from this spirit.  On the nose, the longer aging is immediately evident with notes of cinnamon, vanilla,  and honey, but the wood is balanced with a still-lively expression of fruit. The scent of dried apricots and figs mingles with rose petals and pain d’episces. The first sip saturates the palate with a soft, silky robe of warm spices and tropical fruits, with notes of brown sugar and persimmon emerging with successive sips. The long, fruity finish ends with a gentle sweetness reminiscent of ripe grapes.

We enjoy our VSOP neat or over ice to enhance a quiet evening at home or fuel conversation after an interesting film or inspiring concert.  

40% alcohol/vol.


Vignerons Independants Concours 2018
Médaille OR   (gold medal)

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – The Gold Medal 2017

San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Silver Medal 2017

Organic VS Cognac

Maison Méry-Melrose VS Cognac is an elegant, balanced Cognac that has spent at least two and a half years resting in a combination of new and used French oak casks.
It glows like honey in the glass, and exhibits a lively, expressive aroma of fresh peach and apricot, mint, violets, and chalk. On the palate, dried fruits and gentle oak spice segue to a refreshing finish characterized by green herbs and the distinct minerality typical of the Grande Champagne region.
Relatively dry, it makes an excellent long drink or cocktail, but also shines as a neat pour enjoyed with friends on a sunny afternoon.
40% alcohol/vol.



Silver Medal


San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017




New release cognacs, planned for 2018


François Méry is currently developing a range of blended cognacs, Grande Champagne Cru, which will be released during

2018, these will be old cognacs from his private family reserve – information pending.