Tribal Cognac Collection

Grande Champagne Cru

Defined and shaped by François Méry, a Farming Artist, who performs in harmony with land, man and beast, cultivating his vineyard organically, and artfully transforming his crop, through distillation to create the wonderful spirit, Cognac, the master of this new collection.

Organic Cognac, the core of our craft.

Elegant and balanced.

Grande Champagne Organic Cognac

Single Estate. Aged in a combination of new and

old casks.

A generous buoyant Cognac.

Delicious notes of cinnamon, vanilla & honey.

Grande Champagne Organic Cognac

Single Estate.

Honoring Heritage

François Méry honors his heritage by blending old cognac and in creating the Tribal Cognac Collection has made the Réserve, XO and Ancestral Cognac to complete the new series.

Réserve Blended Cognac.

Complex nose, candied fruit.

Long finish. 

100 % Grande Champagne Cru.


Polished mahogany color.

Rich and concentrated bouquet.

Pure pleasure, intended for connoisseurs and amateurs alike.  Rare, Ancient Blended Grande Champagne Cognac.

The distinctive design of the new collection, Tribal Cognac, is based on parietal art found in caves in the south-west of France, which date back some 18,000 years, to a time when man lived beside animal thus the cognac labels show animals, human figures, and abstract signs.

This new collection from Méry Melrose, Tribal Cognac, has been distilled and matured in Cognac, France and produced exclusively from the Grande Champagne, the premier cru of Cognac. Defined and shaped by François Méry, a Farming Artist, who has artfully created the collection.  Tribal Cognac, always double distilled with « lies du vin », exclusively from the Grande Champagne cru, which give the cognacs a highly distinctive character, with richness and structure. Each of the cognacs in the collection are barrel aged at the Méry Melrose family owned cellar in oak casks, both new and old. Each of the cognacs in the Tribal Collection tell their own story and bring their own part of François’ heritage to life; and we can’t wait for you to discover them!