The Collection

Experience the artfully blended flavours

from the true artisan cognac house

The Collection has been blended by François Méry, the Cellar Master.

The authenticity of Méry Melrose begins in our organic vineyards, our core craft is organic cognac.

Distilling and blending cognac is an art, and a tradition of François’ ancestors, the collection includes old and rare blended cognac.

Like a galloping gazelle, this VS Cognac is full of life.  Single Estate Organic Cognac

Beauty unsurpassed, with elegance, this VSOP Cognac has a winning character.  Single Estate Organic Cognac.

Réserve Cognac near magical traits, with impressive rich cognac aromas.

Large and powerful, a blend of old cognac carefully matured, aged from 12 to 20 years.  

Time changes everything…

François Méry blends cognac from the Grande Champagne Cru, of different ages to celebrate his heritage.  Blending cognac requires profound knowledge of the mechanisms of distillation and aging, but it is also an art because it consists in shaping the raw eaux-de-vie to gradually refine the contours and piece together one final blend, that becomes an exceptional cognac.

Honoring Heritage

ANCESTRAL Cognac, a piece of history.  Rare, extremely old cognac, distilled in ancient times.  Delicately selected and blended with enthusiasm.  Pure pleasure, intended for connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Grande Champagne Cognac.